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Reo Rangahau Research


Reo Rangahau is able to sustain an environment where people, culture and scholarship thrive and grow. Vehicle to act as a moving billboard.

The logo/icon/colours brand is to create imagery in the minds of the target audience anchoring them to past present and future – to bring a sense of critical passion and spiritual urgency.

Logo Design

We wanted the artwork to be truly unique and steeped in meaning, so we commissioned an original artwork from Carly Rangiaho.

Carly was a very natural and obvious choice for us. Her art creates visual language which was exactly what we wanted as inspiration for our icon development.

The final logo design depicts three Manaia faces, which can act like messengers going from the spiritual world to this present day and into the future.

Looking back to be able to move forward.

The circular shape is resilience and continuation of all kupu mention, reo, tikana, rangahau, searching, challenges, obstacles and pathways also the ongoing research, Reo Rangahau.


Vehicle Design

Reo Rangahau asked us to create a sense that the vehicle, brand colour and text is an invaluable moving, mobile brand, a continuous living repository taking research culture, knowledge and change into the target audience consciousness.

Vehicle to act as a moving billboard. Be seen.

Reo rangahau logo

The first of its kind on the globe

"The brilliance, creative, and culturally innovative design concept of my Reo Rangahau Research brand logo on my Ford ute is a living, breathing mobile art form.

The rich autumn colours, and enriched figurative manaia creates new audience, new conversations, new meaning every day!

Sons of Serif's Anne-Tonia & Nolene are contemplative, original thinkers.  I love their style,  and our ground breaking conversations! "


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