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Our business is Graphic Design.

We know that getting your message across the right way, to the right people, is key to a successful marketing strategy. 

You need a design partner who understands that:

  • your business is uniquely you 
  • your brand is a key part of your business identity
  • you want your marketing to feel genuine and not forced
  • you need to stand out from your competitors

That's where we can help!

We're Anne-Tonia and Nolene

We could talk about our qualifications, experience and broad base of knowledge (we have all of that!), but actually it's the relationships we build with our clients that makes our work so good. 

Graphic design is about communicating ideas and messages through visual content that inspires, informs and captivates. Design can influence our perception and emotions, it isn’t just about pumping out a quick logo without any further thought about the brand. 

We build genuine relationships with people and using that connection to create something unique and special, something they can be proud of.

We love what we do, and we know that when you walk out of our door you'll be walking out with branding that works.


Our diverse client base spans across a wide spectrum of industries, including Iwi trusts, corporate entities, educational institutions, IT solutions and services, forestry, entertainment companies, and businesses in the food and trade services sectors.

A selection of our client partners:

Ready to work with us?

Let's talk about what you need! We can help you with all of your graphic design requirements - whether it's a logo, a full branding package, designing your annual report or a print job.

Drop us a linewe'll book a time to meet so we can go over your exact requirements and then provide you with a free quote and a timeline. 

Why do I need to use a graphic designer?

Your branding and marketing materials are often the first point of contact with potential customers. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, and therefore your communication materials need to convey the right image. A good graphic designer will produce marketing materials that will help to impress upon potential customers the professionalism of your company and the service you offer. 

It’s vital to understand how to use design elements to transmit the required messages and values as well as evoke a certain feeling in the viewer. As a visual communicator, graphic designers leverage these design elements and use concepts such as colour, typography, space, balance, form and lines to create their visual message.

By DIYing your own marketing materials you run the risk of appearing amateurish, and could potentially lose customers.

How does your design process work?

During our initial meeting with you, we start by discussing your ideas, target market, and uses for this particular project. We may ask for samples of existing work you like or dislike to get an idea of your style.

Sometimes the client already has a design concept in mind. Other times, they have no idea what they want. Either way, we make sure we have collected all the information we need before we begin work.

Our logo design service is very straightforward. If you’d like to see extra concepts after our initial three ideas or if you need a logo designs for multiple businesses our service can be priced according to your needs.

How much does it cost to hire a Graphic Designer?

We have fixed prices for printing jobs and promotional items - all we need is the specs and quantities you are after and we can supply you with the cost. Prices depend on many variants, but you can be sure you are getting a great value for your project.

Design jobs are charged by the hour.

Design is a very different kettle of fish because no two jobs are the same, even if we compare one logo to the next. Some people have a very clear idea of what they want, others don’t. Some people want something very intricate and some don’t, all of which affects the time spend on the job. Sometimes a very intricate job is quicker than a perceived simple job for various reasons.

Long story short, we are not able to give you a price until we’ve gone through the job requirements and discussed the brief. We encourage prospective clients to compare Sons of Serif Graphic Design with agencies producing the same level of work.

What is the client's involvement in the design process?

We listen to our clients from the start and take a vested interest in what it is they are trying to achieve.

We will encourage you to bring in any samples, colour combinations/swatches, and ideas you may have to help us get an idea of style before starting to work with you. During the design process, you will be asked to approve colours and fonts before work continues.

Once a job is in production, the job cannot be cancelled. At the conclusion of a project, you may request the artwork in various formats if payment was made for design services.