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Te Puna Ora o Mataatua Atrium Project

Project Overview

Te Puna Ora o Mataatua approached us with a unique and culturally significant project to enhance the interior of their office building. The primary objective was to design and install frosted vinyl artwork on the glass ceiling panels, depicting the Mataatua Waka journey, a legendary voyage in Māori history. The artwork was to include elements such as the guiding birds Mumuhou and Takeretau, as well as three landmarks: Muriwai’s Cave, Wairere Waterfall and Pōhaturoa Rock.

Original Art

We respect and value Māori artists and use it to enhance our projects and produce greater outcomes for our clients. In this case we briefed and commissioned Te Haunui Tuna (Tūhoe) on our vision for the space and refined his concepts to the chosen concept.

Client's Goals

The client had several design goals for this project:

Enhancing Aesthetics: To add beauty and cultural significance to the office space by incorporating a visual representation of the Mataatua Waka journey.

Sun Glare Mitigation: Address the issue of sun glare into the office space, ensuring a comfortable working environment for employees.

Complementing the pending Waka Installation: Create artwork that harmonises with the pending carved waka artwork, enhancing its overall appeal.


Project Execution

Our team embarked on this project with a clear vision in mind. We worked closely with the client to understand their cultural and aesthetic preferences. The design incorporated the spiritual Tīeke guardians Mumuhou and Takeretou, the three landmarks, and elements of the sea, sky, and land.

The chosen medium for the artwork was frosted vinyl, which allowed for intricate detailing while also serving the purpose of reducing sun glare. The vinyl was expertly installed on the glass ceiling panels, ensuring a seamless integration with the surrounding architecture.

The Tīeke guardians Mumuhou and Takeretou are to be produced in vibrant 3D perspex hanging installation floating below the vinyl installation. This to be completed in phase two of the project alongside the wake installation. 


The completed art installation successfully achieved the client's goals:

Enhanced Aesthetics: The frosted vinyl artwork depicting the Mataatua Waka journey now serves as a captivating focal point within the office space. It not only adds cultural significance but also showcases the rich history of the Mataatua Waka journey.

Sun Glare Mitigation: The frosted vinyl not only enhances the aesthetics but also effectively reduces sun glare, creating a more comfortable and productive work environment for the office occupants.

Complementing the pending Waka: The artwork will seamlessly complement the pending carved waka and tīeke installations, which will create a cohesive and culturally rich ambiance within the office.


This project is a testament to our commitment to delivering innovative and culturally significant solutions to our clients. The Mataatua Waka journey atrium art installation not only enhances the interior space but also serves as a lasting visual representation of Māori heritage. We are proud to have successfully addressed the client's goals, merging functionality with artistry to create a truly unique office environment.

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